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Do You Want To Fill Your Business With Targeted Clients Whilst Explode Your Marketing Strategies To Create Leads?

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Does Your Marketing Need To Start Working For You?

How Much Would A Marketing Manager Cost To Employ In Your Business?

Would A Marketing Manager Be Qualified To Bring You An Abundance Of Leads?

We're looking for forward thinking individuals who like us know the importance of marketing your business online. Long gone are the days of heavy databases and endless network events, todays market is all about inbound methods where your customers come to you! No more cold calls, no more trying to get past the 'gate keeper' and no more sleepless nights as your lead funnel dries up.

Here at Luv4 Marketing we often have to switch campaigns off because too many leads have been created, just think what you would do with 10, 20, 50 even a 100 leads every month! Would your time be better converting the leads into sales rather than trying to find them in the first place?

Leads is what Luv4 Marketing is all about, we live for leads, we luv leads and better still we are fanaticle about helping businesses owners become more successful. The better you do the better we do so the team will work with you every step of the way to increase your sales and make a better business. 

We are proud to introduce to you our ‘lead generation service’ this service helps you generate new clients and effectively create positive cash flow and several lead generation strategies with minimum investment.

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Online Adverts Creating Leads For Your Business - worth £499 

The Luv4 Marketing team have generated thousands of leads for busineses all over the world using our tried and tested materials and systems. You'll have access to our talented team who will create you perfect adverts to use across your social sites. 

  • Advert creation and management across all major platforms 
  • Google, LinkedIn, Facebook 

Optimized LinkedIn Accounts Generating Targeted 1-to-1 Leads - worth £349 

Your dedicated account manager will help you to generate new leads and nurture them into sale. Using key techniques your LinkedIn account will not only grow but will thrive with new opportunities leading to potential sales.

  • Connect to high-quality leads on your behalf 
  • Customized sales templates send on your behalf for 1-2-1 generation 
  • Profile optimization 
  • 2 LinkedIn posts per month 
  • LinkedIn Network group creation and Group Growth 
  • LinkedIn company page setup & optimization (if you have your own domain) 

Managed Email Accounts - worth £199 

The creative leads team will build key campaigns to help not only grow your database with targeted contacts but create sales opportunities too. Your campaigns will be built and controlled from creation through to analysing the results.

  • Value emails to nurture and warm up your prospects 
  • Sell emails to gain opt-ins and clients 
  • Free templates that achieve results 

 FREE Access To Online Marketing Club - worth £149 

Free access to our Online MarketingCLUB which includes over 300+ online marketing videos and resource guides. Take the opportunity to learn all you need to know about marketing your business online in our fortnightly webinar, resources and training .  

  • Train yourself or your team for free on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Email and many more areas 
  • Unlimited access to over 500 training videos, resource guides & recorded webinars Test your newly-gained knowledge with quizzes 

3 FREE Affiliate Licences To Sell For Instant ROI - worth £591

3 Free Luv4 Marketing licences for you to sell generating you free revenues for your business. Use the licences to generate monthly revenues to help pay towards your marketing or gift your licences to convert 1-2-1 clients.

  • Sell your clients into Online Marketing Club with 3 free licenses 
  • Or use as a conversion tool or to upsell existing clients

Exclusively to you for just...

The Full Service Package Includes All 5 Of The services above (Worth £2336) for just £1500 pm. You're getting your online marketing covered for a fraction of the cost of employing a full time marketing manager, not only that your getting the Luv4 Marketing team with all our experience and working systems that have been proven time and time again. 

The team will create a marketing plan suited to your goals and help you to create more opportunity, create more leads and make more sales. You'll also get full training and skills in online marketing that you can use for years to come! and if that wasn't enough we'll allocate you your very own account manager who will look after you every step of the way!

If you need help with your marketing or you want more customers in your business click below to find out more!

Remember, we want to help grow your business whilst helping you to achieve the revenues that you deserve! A dedicated account manager will market your business, create your new clients and nuture key relationships so that you have more leads, more opportunities and more reveunes in you business.  

We want to help you spend your time in the right areas of your business (your customers!). Let Luv4 Marketing find you the opportunities and the leads, leaving ou plenty of time to convert them into sales. - It's a Win/Win.

We guarantee the only question you'll have is why you didn't do this sooner!!

You'll Also Have Access To .....

1 to 1 support with our Social Media Experts

Social Media Growth Reports 

Free Marketing Audit

The Luv4 Marketing team will support you all the way! we'll monitor your marketing, create and implement campaigns, grow your accounts and create you sales opportunities.