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Welcome to the Online MarketingCLUB a bi-weekly webinar series covering all the major social media platforms to allow you to market your business with absolute confidence.  Millions of businesses market their products & services online to build brand, build reputation and most of all make sales! What if you did too?

Learn all you need to know about how to market your business online using all the key online platforms. We cover LinkedIn, Facebook, Google & Twitter. You will spend a few hours every other week learning about each social platform and how best to implement it into your business.

You will also receive support documents and videos after each webinar to give you a deeper understanding on that social platform. These can be accessed from your own personal dashboard that is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

The Course

Ten platforms covered over 12 months learning on a bi-weekly basis. Attend the webinar, learn the materials then use the online videos to continue your progress in your own time. 

  • Week 1
    LinkedIn Level 1

    Your first week is all about optimizing your profile so that it's ready to market with, covering key topics such as creating an all star profile, optimizing headlines and adding skills & media files.

  • Week 3
    LinkedIn Level 2

    With an awesome profile you're now ready to start to engage with your target audience. During this session you will learn new skills such as LinkedIn groups, how to use discussions & engagement to bring key opportunities, understanding your profile, tagging and how to source new contacts. 

  • Week 5
    LinkedIn Level 3

    Learn how to maximize your time on LinkedIn by creating your own group! We will show you all about the best invitations, posts, adverts & how best to market to your target audience.

  • Week 7
    Facebook Level 1

    Facebook Level 1 covers everything you need to know about setting up your page from images to call to actions. Let the world see your brand as it should. Covers Facebook tools, pages, events & apps.

  • Week 9
    Facebook Level 2

    Building the right audience can bring you great financial rewards and in level 2 that is exactly what we concentrate on.  From brand building, finding your target audience, posting the right content, engaging your audience and Facebook insights to name a few!

  • Week 11
    Facebook Level 3

    Introducing one of the most powerful advertising tools online, you'll want to know everything you can about advertising your business to get the very best ROI. Level 3 is about Facebook advertising, creating adverts, creating campaigns and testing & measuring your marketing.

  • Week 13
    Twitter Level 1

    Covering all the need to know areas of setting up your Twitter account so that you & your brand are attracting the right attention from the right people. Includes all the main reasons to use Twitter.

  • Week 15
    Twitter Level 2

    Step by step guide into all the key functionality of Twitter from text tweets, photo tweets, Twitter on your mobile, following, unfollowing & notifications.

  • Week 17
    Twitter Level 3

    Showcasing Twitter Analytics, a powerful tool that will show you that your content is working for you! Using analytics you will be able to make GREAT decisions and bring more opportunity to your business.

  • Week 19
    YouTube Level 1

    Video is massive in the online world - that's a fact! Level 1 is a real introduction to YouTube and how you can use it best for business.  Includes the full setup of your channel.

  • Week 21
    YouTube Level 2

    Using video marketing will boost any business, here we will show you exactly how to use the tools within YouTube to make awesome videos. Includes commenting, sharing, rating videos, subscriptions, trends, uploading and annotation.

  • Week 23
    YouTube Level 3

    The final session concentrates on YouTube Analytics, here you can break down your videos performance right down to when your audience leaves! Incredibly powerful session that will have you analysing videos for years to come.

  • Online MarketingCLUB also covers...


    Week 25
    Google Level 1
    Developing your own Google Business Plan.

    Week 27
    Google Level 2
    Brand, audience, circles, content, offers, engaging with your audience, analytics

    Week 29
    Google Level 3
    Google Local, reviews, search engine optimization basics, content strategy

    Week 31
    Email Level 1
    Creating a solid email strategy and how to build a powerful ‘Targeted’ database.

    Week 33
    Email Level 2
    Choosing the right CRM for your business together with understanding the importance of groups and segregation.

    Week 35
    Email Level 3
    Value campaigns and lead magnets that work. Give 'value' to your audience.


    Week 37
    Learn how to advertise effectively on Instagram, create powerful and inspiring content and understand the most popular methods to build your following.


    Week 39
    Website Level 1
    The Basics of SEO. Understanding how the search engines view your website.

    Week 41
    Website Level 2
    Content marketing and leveraging your content.

    Week 43
    Website Level 3
    Using your website as a sales funnel. Your visitor flow and adding a solid content strategy into your business.


    Week 45
    Understanding the importance of how your business is perceived online and strategically command your page one space and social presence through multiple platforms
    Lead Generation

    Week 47
    Lead Generation Level 1
    Creating a solid lead generation strategy.

    Week 49
    Lead Generation Level 2
    Turn on your lead tap, the importance of knowing your numbers. Leveraging the program to full effect to generate a solid, constant lead flow into your sales funnel

    Week 51
    Lead Generation Level 3
    Leveraging the program to full effect to generate a solid, constant lead flow into your sales funnel.

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